• How is hair transplantation applied?
    How is hair transplantation applied?
    How is hair transplantation applied? How to do hair transplantation? What are the methods? Approximately 53% of hair transplantation treatments are applied in Turkey. That’s why we have compiled information about hair transplant treatment for you. We wish you healthy reading.   What is Hair Transplantation? There...
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  • What are the Risks of gastric sleeve surgery?
    What are the Risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
    Obesity is a health problem that has become an epidemic in the modern world. The rapid increase in the number of obesity due to reasons such as sedentary life and wrong eating habits brings along obesity-related health problems. Obesity, which is considered a chronic disease today, is...
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  • How much weight is lost with a gastric balloon
    How Much Weight is Lost with a Gastric Balloon
    A sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits cause obesity and obesity-related health problems to become increasingly common worldwide. Weight loss of obese individuals is important for health rather than looking aesthetically beautiful. Every year, approximately 12 million people struggle with health problems caused by obesity. About 1...
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  • Lung Cancer, Symptoms and Treatment
    Lung Cancer, Symptoms and Treatment
    Cancer starts when the lung cells multiply out of control and form a tumor in the lung. In advanced stages, it metastasizes to distant organs other than the lung and causes multiple damages. According to the report of the World Health Organization, the number of people who...
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  • Radiation Therapy (Radiotherapy)
    Radiation Therapy (Radiotherapy)
    Radioactive elements are used for the treatment of some diseases. In radiation therapy or radiotherapy, the radiation for the treatment is obtained from radioactive sources or special instruments designed for this purpose. Radiation therapy is applied for various purposes, ranging from disease diagnosis to treatment. What is...
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  • What is Kidney cancer
    What is kidney cancer?
    Cells, the smallest unit capable of self-sustaining life, make up all living organisms and body tissues. Cells have the ability to develop, divide and die. However, some cells cannot stop their division process due to a defect in the guanine protein in DNA and continue to divide...
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  • How is Kidney Transplant Performed?
    How is Kidney Transplant Performed?
    Kidneys, bean-shaped organs are located in the posterior peritoneum (retroperitoneum) part of the body. They ensure that toxins such as urea, creatinine and uric acid in metabolism are removed from the body with a health filtering process. In addition, the kidney regulates the electrolyte and acid-base balance...
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  • all on 4 implant
    What is an All on 4 Dental Implant
    Tooth loss isn’t simply an aesthetic concernment; it can also be harmful to your health. But how? The jaw joints are completely supported by a balancing system. One missing tooth can agitate the natural balance, causing the jaw joint to tilt to the right or left. Additionally,...
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  • breath-aesthetics
    Aesthetic Operation After Extreme Weight Loss
    The development of medicine and technology has enabled surgeries with very successful results in bariatric surgeries. When extreme weight loss is achieved with successful surgeries, the need for complementary surgeries arises. Aesthetic operations performed after losing excess weight can be needed because massive weight loss can cause...
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  • liposuction-gotocure
    Abdominoplasty Surgery
    In rapid weight loss, skin sagging can be observed in the abdomen. Although the skin has an elastic recovery force, when it is stretched too much, it cannot perform this recovery process and hangs as excess skin. Excess skin is visually disturbing and even severe infections can...
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  • Maternity Aesthetics
    Maternity Aesthetics
    Pregnancy is a huge transformation process in terms of female psychology and physiology. It is a process that can cause deformations in the body and the disruption of hormonal balances. After the post-partum, when you take your lovely baby into your arms, you start to think about...
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  • What is Gingivitis
    What is Gingivitis?
    Gum inflammation, additionally known as gingivitis, is a mild form of periodontal disease. Red or swollen gums, sensitivity to cold or hot drinks, and bad smell can be an alert to the oral problem. Commonly observed in adults over 30, gingivitis may become a source of critical...
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  • What is Bariatric Surgery?
    What is Bariatric Surgery?
    What is Bariatric Surgery? Weight loss surgery methods are among the most widely applied surgical methods in recent years. The effects of weight loss surgery methods on health can be discussed. Being able to lose weight healthily is the most important point in this regard. there are...
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  • six pack aesthetic
    Six Pack Aesthetics to Look Fit
    What is Six Pack Surgery? Due to irregular nutrition and irregular lifestyle, the abdomen can easily change shape and have an unaesthetic appearance. People who have this problem can try many methods to make the abdominal region healthier and more aesthetic. It may take a long time...
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  • What are Non-Surgical Genital Procedures
    Non-Surgical Genital Aesthetic
     What are Genital Aesthetic Operations? Genital aesthetic procedures performed on people with genital area complaints increase the self-confidence and sexual satisfaction of women. In Turkey and all over the world, especially in recent years, the use of the internet and the widespread use of social media have...
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